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Four Finger Five

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Four Finger Five
by Four Finger Five

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Recorded By: sircussalot Source/Transfer: Sony ECM-MS957> Olympus LS 10, 24/44 bit > PC>Nero Wave Editor> 16/44 bit> CD Wave> Flac Location: FOB/DFC 1 set 01 Intro 02 She's Gone 03 What We Say 04 Giving It All Away 05 ....Four Finger Give.... 06 Might Decline* 07 Intermission*+- 08 Higher Ground*+- 09 Makes You A Man 10 Choose To Remain * Jason Kott on basss (Brent James and the Contraband) +Jesse Clayton on keys (Macpodz) -Terrence Massey on trumpet (Funktion) 01. Four Finger...
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Topic: four finger five, hoxeyville, 4F5, rock, soul, blues, funktion, macpodz, jay kott, brent james and...
Four Finger Five
by Four Finger Five

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01 intro 02 How The Streets Are Paved 03 She's Gone 04 Know Your Face 05 On The Ladder 06 Makes You A Man 07 No One To Steer 08 Feel For You 09 Giving It All Away 10 Bullets 11 Choose To Remain 12 What We Say 13 Might Decline
Topics: Four Finger Five, Rothbury
Source: Peluso cemc6/ck21 -> Busman T-Mod Fostex FR-2LE